Introducing ShareBuoy

An innovative new way to instantly share files from all of your devices directly from the browser. There are no extra software to install and sharing is instantaneous.

ShareBuoy makes sharing fun again.


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Why use ShareBuoy

No upload/email required. Your shared files stay local - no need to use extra bandwidth, storage and time on emailing and uploading of files. No more waiting for email attachements!
No extra software to install and configure. We are device and OS agnostic - there are no software, plug-ins or apps to install and configure to start sharing and accessing files from all of your devices.
Your files remain yours. We do not store copies of your file somewhere in the "cloud". Once you stop sharing the file is gone forever. Sorry, NSA :)
We respect your privacy. You can start sharing without creating an account with us and we will never track/sell your data.
It is secure. Your shared files are access protected by an optional password which never leaves your machine.

ShareBuoy for Enterprise

Securely share and access data within your business network from any device.
Share data with your team directly without the hassle of OS configuration/softeware install.
Simple, centralized management and reporting of sharing activities.

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